Website creation

Join a successful team in Marrakech for the creation of website to establish the brand
presence online using the most modern tools and technologies

Website CMS

As ardent lovers of web content management solutions, we offer you a simple website, very efficient and functional that cost less than what other agencies offer on the market. Looking to get rid of the constraint of time and the heavy investments at the same time you wish having a satisfactory result? The CMS website is for you!

At TaKtile we count on a professional team specialized in Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and PrestaShop. With their many years of expertise, our team members support the design and development of your CMS site based on a template carefully chosen to suit all your needs.

Création site internet Maroc

Tailored WebSite

Even though your CMS was created based on a predefined template, we customize each page depending on the features and display which are granted. Comprehensive expertise is provided to you:

  • Graphic theme customized
  • adequate hosting
  • Installing and setting template
  • Site optimization via SEO
Site internet personnalisé par l'agence Taktil Communication

Customized Website

You are lookig for originality and uniqueness,and wishing to create a website fully reflecting the image of your company? Taktil Communication took in charge the project and provides a great result through a custom website whose development will be orchestrated by your instructions.

Taktil Communication is different from other agencies in Marrakech by its mastery of latest techniques in design and integration of personalized website with a unique design and custom-developed features. Our experience allows us to provide the look and tools to communicate about your company and motivate your target audience to visit your website and eventually contact you.

Création site internet Marrakech


Increase your sales and gain additional market share by choosing our e-commerce solutions to develop the performance of your business and increase your sales. Create your online store by differentiating yourself with a well thought out ergonomics and navigation to facilitate the sale by features which could push your visitors to purchase.

Also, our partnership with the leader of online payment Morocco, Telecommerce allows you to quickly get your payment code by eliminating the costs of its installation on your website.

Creation Site E-commerce


Do you have a project idea of tourism that you are still unable to implement?
Whether to establish a digital web strategy, develop new markets or expand your benefits, we will give to your features a new great value in order to excel in your business. Thanks to our various strategic partnerships with specialized providers with a great experience in online booking management, and regardless of the scale of your project, we help create a dedicated platform adapted to your need and your business goals.

Stratégie web digitale

Web software

Taktil Communication helps any company wishing to make their own software in order to increase productivity and optimize its business by offering a complete solution that fits its strategic purposes.

Our team is able to offer diversified solutions for multiple activities because we have long years of experience in different sectors this allows us to achieve customized solutions, the key to success will be delivered after study and analysis of your needs and requirements. Each project you give us is submitted to a specific and suitable solution.

Progiciel Web

Website Makeovers

Your website becomes obsolete, lacks dynamism and optimization? Do not panic! Just give it a good shot of freshness.

Your position in the market evolves even your visuel identity changes and above all your business offering is growing. How would you communicate with your current customers with yesterday's messages? This is where Taktil intervenes to help you improve the form and content of your website while taking account of your faced problem and your end goals.

Relooking de site web

A website Training

In order to make you more productive and more efficient, Taktil Communication provides you with specialized training to improve your skills in terms of implementation and management of your website. You have some knowledge that you wish to deepen? We put at your service our best members who take care of exposing you everything you need to know about:

  • Creating or redesigning your website
  • The website's SEO
  • The implementation of Adwords campaigns
Formation site web Maroc



The textual content is one of the most analyzed items by search engines. At Taktil, we offer you the possibility to have unique and original texts full of information based on a lexical analysis in order to provide you with quality that goes along with your marketing needs.


In a time when the world is easily reachable obviously because of technology's boom, we have a team of bilingual translators who can provide you a perfectly pleasant and comprehensible translation to the public to which is intended.


Achieving a professional video requires real expertise and therefore a specialized video creation agency. Accessible to any business, a 2D or 3D video perfectly realized, allows you to differentiate yourself by a great picture in a relevant and efficient way.


Did you know that 75% of a website's visitors are likely to abandon their shopping action if no one answers their questions? A chat module is therefore the ideal solution to transform these visitors into customers and conclude the purchase action

Professional picture

Looking for a professional photographer to succeed a shooting? Taktil communication provides you with the best professional photographer in Marrakech who could bring authenticity to your business picture after having identified your expectations and your specific needs.


Every business has a number of computer data whose loss would be heavily evaluated. We offer therefore online storage solutions to allow you to preserve your data securely and reliably.