Vizir Center

Born of a desire to give new life to the good performance of tourism sector Marrakchi, the Holiday Vizirr Center was able quickly establish itself as a pioneer of the hotel apartment rental in Marrakech. This success is mainly due to its launch strategy that Taktil Communication has put together from the very beginning. The first element that contributed to the positive results achieved by the Vizir Center is its website including the creation and SEO which have indeed spawned a large number of reservations and contact. Signed Taktil this website constitutes successful example of conversion generator.


The website is an informative site whose main purpose is promoting the concept of renting apart hotel in Marrakech and therefore the transformation of actual users in purchasers.


Competition is one of the predominant features of the hotel industry in Marrakech. The market is becoming increasingly saturated due to the emergence of several hotel establishments offering more or less similar benefits.


A well optimized website appropriate to the customer needs and market expectations constitutes the tool whose impact can be remarkably felt in the first weeks of the online publication. This has been the strategy of penetration of Vizir Center.


The team of marketers, graphic designers and developers studied rigorously client needs and constraints of the market in which it is implanted in order to proceed to the implementation of a customized web solution using the latest techniques.

The rendering

A multilingual website, like the Vizier Center, suitable to all media, designed around a main objective which is the optimum conversion, customer proposed solution was perfectly suited to customer's business objectives. Taktil Communication was able to create a website just like the client, that respects its DNA and that perfectly reflects its principles and values. We have implemented our main assets to attract target customers, encourage them to contact the hotel and even better to book


The design phase of allowed us as both creators and innovators to achieve design both pleasing to the eye, easy to use which could easily be optimized. The models were made in the light of the company's values since the website was going to be the showcase of the Vizir Center on the web. Graphic designers and art direction of Taktil also considered adapting the website to the screens of smartphones and tablets.

Mobile version

Realizing the use growth of smartphones and tablets, Taktil Communication was engaged in the realization of a mobile version for website. Design, ergonomics, interface design, mobile development and testing, our team members have acted in the entire process in order to enhance Experience of mobile users and meet their needs.


The website has a focused “user” interface giving web users a flexible navigation by cheering them to make a reservation online action. The principal characteristic of website structure is its intuitive interface allowing direct access to the information.


All pages of the website are tailor created in true HTML, PHP and CSS. The website was developed in compliance with current standards and W3C standards, good practices Javascript Zend framework and the experience of our team facilitates control and expertise.

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