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New on the market, the agency realized that having a website is an excellent way to power its image and services to targeted customers and draw partners. Taktil’s team was more than happy to be part of this new idea and decided to work very hard in the development of a fully solution adapted to the needs of the client in compliance with the rules specific to the optimization of SEO and SEA, structure and ergonomics preferred by the search engines as well the adaptability of its consultation on the various media (responsive design).

A creative brief provided by Upper’s owner was used to determine the real opportunities that can benefit the company. We suggested then a website which could be a great asset enabling


The upper.ma is an interface easy to handle that allows the agency to identify themselves to their prospects by identifying their specifics and new services while ensuring the possibility of booking online in a few clicks.


Marrakech city has several prestigious car rental providers unfortunately they are all limited to the basic service. The main difference between them and Upper is service's customization offered by the company and the degree of adaptability of the offer.


For the realization of the Upper website Taktil was aware of the big responsibility was given, so we made sure to give birth to a creative brief from which the team was able to design models prior to the development of the website while meeting customer needs.


The Upper website is a HD website in CMS developed in Wordpress with customization at the level of theme and features.

The rendering

New in the marketplace and proposing a bunch of services not yet well developed in the red city, Upper agency had to make a first step by making a website as a first link with the target clientele. The purpose of the website's creation is primarily to communicate about all the services offered by the agency, from the simple car rental with driver to the customized concierge. So after deep understanding of client needs and desires, Taktil Communication was engaged in the effective realization of the web project


The website's design has been designed from a design template and has been adapted to the template chosen to the realization of the website. The website design incorporates all the features specified by the customer which can meet the strategic needs of the agency. The general concept of the website is gloomy with a spontaneous and easy navigation, the choice of colors is discrete, reflecting the luxury and comfort of the products and services of Upper.

Mobile version

Thanks to the Wordpress template selected for the upper.ma website, it was easy to automatically optimize for the mobile version on different devices so that users and site visitors can visualize it from anywhere in a suitable design. Graphic design of the website has been adjusted and reshaped in order to provide an ideal navigation optimized depending on the size of each screen.


Upper's website features a well organized structure with on the home page, a presence of all sections to enable the user to have the first contact with information needed. Browsing is facilitated by the smooth transition from one section to other. The site is indeed full of information that includes a call-to-action at every step of the visit to keep constant contact with the customer.


Upper's web site was developed by careful selection of a template Wordpress that goes along with customer needs and preferences. The website uses language PHP / MySQL and HTML / CSS and Javascript. The template allows access to some integrated features Taktil Communication was careful to assign the desired items by adapting them to customer needs. Upper's website also includes elements developed fully fledged and customized closely to be subsequently integrated on the desired pages. Everything has been well designed and configured by giving customer needs the priority at the end we were able to carry out rigorous reporting and benchmarking of the activities.

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