The Tailormade

Taylormade is a travel agency operating in Marrakech whose main activity is the creation of customized trips and events. The agency decided to create one of the most original websites perfectly reflecting its innovation and exclusivity of personalized ideas to target a very specific clientele. Tailor Made Agency assigned the project to Taktil Communication, because we were highly recommended, we made the possibility of providing customers some genuine solution full of creativity such an easy thing in order to showcase its concept and capture the interest of all visitors to the website.


Tailormade agency is a storefront website with an inform purpose allowing surfers and mobile users of the main services of the agency in order to familiarize them with their field and encourage them to contact the team.


Morocco currently has a large number of travel agencies which all engaged in the race to offer the most personalized service to their customers who are becoming more aware and demanding due to several factors.


The achievement of a dynamic custom web site for Taylormade agency implies the establishment of a work plan reflecting the client's ideas into a real web solution, the main objective being to generate traffic and convert visits and made contact.


The Tailormade agency website was personalized and developed in HTML5, CSS3 and PHP to suit the graphic trends, on the level of functional and ergonomic web and assign a full appearance of innovation, modernity and exclusivity.

The rendering

The website created for the Taylormade agency is a burst of creativity which Taktil Communication agency was able to demonstrate. The website is characterized by simplicity emitting innovation and distinction that the client wishes to convey. It contains topics for each pole managed by the company while also emphasizing the uniqueness of the products. The website realization process allowed validating each step by the client whose suggestions and comments helped to make it a real triumph.


The design of the website was based on impending creativity of Taktil Communication agency with a touch of sobriety to give birth to a project combining the authenticity of the country in which the agency operates and the requirements of modernity customers. The models of the website were made from a concept that involves the construction of graphic designs perfectly illustrating the magical experiences proposed by Tailormade agency.

Mobile version

Tailormade agency website is developed in respecting the standards of responsive design, which means it fits perfectly into different types of browsers and mobile devices. The decision to create a responsive website design came as a result of clientele study which is composed largely of mobile users prefer to connect via their mobile or tablet, a version mobile was established in order to ease the research.


Basic, the Taylormade web site structure offers a skilful and flexible browsing experience through the distribution of sections and features of the site. Each page includes illustrations and well disposed texts on the blocks reserved for them. On this website, the Internet user feels such a pleasure during the visit thanks obviously to the ease of reaching the desired information while avoiding many clicks and redirects. Adapted to all kind of surfers, Tailormade agency website is a pure sailing pleasure.


Tailormade agency website was custom developed using programming languages HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Add to this PHP and Zend Framework which allowed creating a functional website that perfectly fulfilled its informative and entertaining role. After the online publication and validation of web site on temporary address, the website was finally hosted on its final address and was available to Internet users and mobile users.

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