Riad Sougtani

Riad Sougtani is a lovely touristic establishment located not far from Marrakech. Its greatest characteristic is the authenticity and the outstanding scenery of its sites all around and in the interior. The realization of a new version of riadsougtani.com website was a must do because of the drop of visits and reservations on the website. This is the reason why we thought that an update emerges as an obvious in order to provide our client, who trusts our taste, with a suitable website that matches the needs of competitive market.

The answer to the request of our client was then focused on putting a charming website online that could perfectly convey the entrenched history of Riad and translate its values to increase traffic and therefore convert it to effective reservations.


The riadsougtani.com website is an online representation of Riad Sougtani which provides visitors with all the needed information and perfect solutions to their online booking search.


Marrakech's charming housing has grown considerably in recent years. Some people prefer to be hosted at the heart of the city while others choose privacy away from the bustle of the red city.


Dynamic and well developed, the website of Riad Sougtani was conveniently designed to make it a genuine medium of communication to ensure a flow of visitors to the site and possibly generate more bookings.


The riadsougtani.com website is a tailored website developed to bring out its main features. Development, integration and testing tools were used for that purpose such as HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

The rendering

In order to offer Riads Sougtani’s clients a better solution web that may provide more traffic, more visitors and therefore more bookings. Taktil Communication agreed to study the needs of Riad Sougtani, by auditing initially of the former web site in order to identify gaps and eventually propose design and development aligned with the market needs. Having met this challenge successfully, the new concept of the website was created to anchor themselves a prime position in a very competitive field.


Inspired essentially from the old concept of the website in order to keep the Internet user's attention, the concept used for prototyping is characterized by its simplicity, its dynamism, its splendor and authenticity. The outcome result took the shape of lovely, young and cool design that match with the trends in vogue these days. The first design which were put together were readily approved by customer, our sense of detail has delivered a functional website without graphical flaw.

Mobile Version

Nowadays the number of mobile users is constantly increasing, offering them a version of the website will indeed satisfy their needs and the booking process will become easier. This is how the website was perfectly designed with a reagent to guarantee the same good experience on a desktop. Fits all mobile devices and all browsers, riadsougtani.com is an excellent source of information to any user, visitor or mobinaute.


The website structure has a main feature which is the simple tree view which makes finding information easier and more convenient. The Net surfer is therefore able to easily locate the website, find the desired items to make the reservation and the whole contact information if needed.


The development of riadsougtani.com website is based on the HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Integration of the website also includes PHP and Symfony 2 in order to upload the website while respecting the constraints of graphic design and functionality provided on the website.

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