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Nejma TV

The electronic television has known a considerable expansion all around the world lately, especially with the development of Internet use and the possibility of producing image in high resolution, using electron microscopy techniques which finally achieve shots like traditional TV.

The enthusiasm generated by this original mode of dissemination has interested Nejma TV's creators who have perceived the implementation this new media as the perfect opportunity to deepen their knowledge and extend the scope of their expertise in the written and audio visual press.

The creation of this media and its development required the intervention of a professional who knows perfectly the market and its needs to attract more and more readers and visitors. Taktil has thereby created a tailored website using advanced tools in development in order to build an attractive site, adaptive and structured.


Nejma TV is always looking for Moroccan news, by inspecting them closely and discusses them with experts. The electronic TV processes the events and issues which touch and concern directly the Moroccan citizen in all areas: political, social, entertainment, beauty, sport, news and buzz.


Within a few years, this new media has experienced great expansion and a craze partly explained by the simplicity of its implementation. Morocco has not escaped this craze since it has known the birth of several media like this. Taktil has therefore proposed design which could remarkably distinguish it from other media on the market.


The website is a custom designed site, translating into practice the wishes of the creators by following their guidelines. A web solution has been widely discussed and developed as a back office to allow editors and staff of Nejma to incorporate their articles and reports easily without using a specialist on the subject.


For the development of the website, we used principally advanced tools such as HTML5 / CSS3 (Sass / Compass), the Bootstrap, PHP / MySql and other tools which will be discussed subsequently. These tools were intended to create a pleasant visual identity of the site and various articles published therein.


Facing a craze and development of this new medium, the Nejma TV owners have assigned to Taktil the creation of a tailored website that goes along with their needs in this area. We have developed a global communication strategy that goes from website design to its optimization so that it appears on the first page of search engines. Given the pioneering developments in this area we have customized our services in web marketing for them in order to be optimal and operational.


The importance of images transmission in color under all its facets is essential for this type of media. This is the reason why it was decided to select and arrange the consistent visual elements so as to communicate the ideas and impressions in treated articles to readers and in news reports. The layout has subsequently led to a template organized with singular topics that respects the hierarchy of components highlighted. The site design was also used to integrate all the functionality originally provided by the specification. At the end we have implemented the colors on the wireframes by creating a graphic identity consistent with this activity.

Maquettage Nejma TV


Since the mobility has gained importance in the uses of the Web, it was henceforth important to integrate this concept into the draft, in order to reach more number of mobile users. For this purpose a set of tools has been developed for the site to be optimized and thus offer mobile users a better browsing experience.

Structure Nejma TV


Taktil communication before starting the realization of website, took time to think about the tree structure which goes along with the selected publishing model and compatible with various types of publications and articles which will be edited.

Développement site web


To get a web site compatible with the goals of Nejma tv, Taktil has worked very hard in different phases of development using developed and advanced technologies namely: -HTML5 / CSS3 (Sass / Compass) -Bootstrap, -Javascript (jQuery) and -PHP / MySql (Symfony 2). We took advantage of a great exchange with Nejma Tv to determine the features which have been developed as it was requested.

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