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Money Globe

Money globe operates on the money transfer market for several years now, the company has an extensive network across four continents which guarantees better efficiency thanks to its strong presence and a fast flow of funds from France to other countries.

Money Globe has contacted our agency to create her a Customized website that might translate through its visual content, the quality of services provided to customers. Like the speed and efficiency of money transfers, we have created an appropriate website that is consistent with the philosophy of this operator.


MoneyGlobe is offering all French residents the ability to send or receive money quickly in within a few minutes and safely around the world. The website effectively translates these values through the establishment of a convenient interface that allows the institution to be known to potential customers easily with a remarkable visual identity.


In France, the money transfer industry is highly competitive due to the presence of several migrants who transfer some of their money to their countries of origin money globe seeks to position itself ideally in this market. A strategic plan is then defined on the basis of a remarkable brand's image conveyed to the public as an institution of deemed payment.


For Money globe, we opted for the creation of a website as a first step that could translate both the reason behind the creation of the agency as well as its values, services and products. Our expert team in this area has put all of its skills and expertise to deliver a suitable web solution for business objectives of this company.


Taktil communication has created a dynamic and manageable website with a model view controller to meet the needs of interactive applications, with a flash animation to animate the pages of the site. Using an advanced programming language has been also necessary to develop a modern and practical aspect.


Money globe considered that a comparative advantage of visual order could guarantee customer proximity. This is the reason why they have called on our services to create both a powerful computing platform that showcases their tariffs that are the cheapest on the market as well as other benefits.


Once we realized all the specifications details as well as the tree structure of the web site we moved to the necessary model making phase, which required a long reflection in order to create at the end an ergonomic and well designed web site.


The Money globe website features a developed structure where information in their entirety appears on the home page with more details included in the sections. It is indeed this well-organized and practical structure that enables the customer to have from the first click the information he or she might need while navigation. The website is organized around the call-to-action in order to maintain constant contact with the customer.


The development of the website for its part is based on strong and modern languages, including PHP, MySQL, JavaScript as well as CSS to make the whole idea imagined by the customer an accessible reality. Our developers have taken the time to determine the appropriate tools through an analysis of customer needs.

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