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Marrakech hôtels

Marrakech-hotels is an online central booking dedicated entirely to visitors who are looking for luxurious accommodation, hotels and riads, which suits their needs and their preference of accommodation in the red city.

The advantage of this online central booking is to reduce the number of intermediaries and thus offer an unbeatable competitive price. The website has been designed to centralize reservations locally and know in real time availabilities for reservations.

We imagined a website where are joined all essential assets to enable an enjoyable stay in Marrakech: the website provides tourists with general information about prices, the services and real-time availabilities and facilitates secure online payment.


The site is a computer reservation system online, where information is well presented and organized to facilitate consultation. The essential elements are therein available for accommodation in Marrakech.


The Moroccan tourism sector is considered as a growth driver, and therefore it occupies a prominent place in the economy. Competition is therefore very wide awake in this sector. We wanted to provide our customer with a pretty platform, efficient and reassured. The outcome led to the creation of a profitable site on all levels.


An online central booking must have a website that is both well presented and functional on all levels. Indeed the website of has received special attention due to its role in attracting customers to make the booking on the website and nowhere else. This is a unique interface that has the booking central so it needed to be perfect.


The website has been customized to to reflect the best deals. For this we used a sleek design and highly developed computer tools with a space for clients to enable them to perform safely bookings, a monitoring protocol was also adopted to address potential security vulnerabilities.


It is true that tourists have becoming increasingly tended to make the online reservations without going through a travel agency. This increased demand was the main motivation behind the creation of the website, we've put a powerful marketing strategy to distinguish itself remarkably from other operators on the market.


The website is ergonomic, easy and pleasant to read. It represents an authentic showcase of luxury hotels and riads in Marrakech. The objective of this central booking is to reach the right target at the right time and maximize ROI. We put all the chances on our side by choosing the right layout as a good communication tool.

Maquette site internet


At a time when mobility is becoming increasingly dominant, professionals have interest in exploiting this track to make their websites adapted to different uses. We have incorporated mobile version of the website project to develop a responsive website that goes along with the requirements of customers in terms of accommodation.


With its grandiose impact on SEO, it seemed appropriate to adopt a suitable structure for later optimization by making the website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand. has a very neat structure with indexed content, a plan facilitating the visit ...

Développement site web


This is a website which uses HTML programming language. The CSS was also used to highlight the features of the site and create a back office allowing the addition of tourism establishments and make changes in case it is needed.

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