Mam Goz

The company Mam Goz was looking forward launching its activity on the market by creating a website which exhibits all its products and services. Taktil was therefore contacted in order to develop a strong and well founded strategy. The website had to be consistent with the activity of the pancake in order to attract internet users and get their attention so they visit the shop.

When Mam Goz was making its first steps on the market, the city of Marrakech has only a single pancake shop; this is the reason why its launch had to be original and well developed to reach its target clientele that includes different category including men and women. The targeting of customers has guided our thinking and our actions to create a customized website.


Mam goz's website is informative through which the shop can put any kind of information concerning its activity, its menu card and its associated services in an efficient manner to reach the target clientele which is seen to be very diverse.


The number of shops specializing in creperie in Marrakech remains very modest. Mam Goz is the second shop which opened its doors in the city. The level of competition is poorly developed in this field of activity, but a rivalry between the two shops will be established without doubt.


As many have understood, the website is an essential communication tools at the moment. If it is well optimized, it can reach a wide audience who is always looking for information and therefore come to convert the virtual visits in real traffic. Taktil Communications has deployed all its creativity in order offering Internet surfers a very exciting model.


The website has a youthful look with a vintage shade which gives it a lovely charm. Its development is based on dynamic techniques respecting ergonomics and elegance that the site must have. The clarity of content, ease of navigation and fast access to all its features have made this website a successful concept

The rendering

New on the market, the creperie Mam Goz must have a website which constitutes its official interface with the customer. Taking into account the activity of the creperie, Taktil Communication was able to determine the topics that are able to attract the target customers while establishing pages and achieve its goal of offering a minimalist website which is not complicated. The website uses a background photo that reminds throughout the navigation the context of the creperie and its atmosphere.


A preliminary design was made based on a predefined template so as to propose models that can be modified and shaped until a final model comes out and matches the needs of the client. The features desired by the customer have been adapted to the template selected and customized to optimize their use by users. The colors, fonts and selected photos have valorized the website by reflecting the fineness of the Bretonne’s creperie.

Mobile version

The Mobile Version of the website offers an original and unique interface to reach large clientele who browses the website from a mobile device. Based on the model suggested by the template, Taktil Communication has adjusted the graphics of the website by trying to ensure optimal navigation which is closely related to the screen size of the mobile device display.

The structure

The structure of website was not a result of improvisation but of a study of user's behavior which helped determine the location of each component of the website taking into account the rules of ergonomics which must be respected. The website structure follows a logical track corresponding to the path followed by the user that could provide the type of information desired by visitors.


The website was built using Wordpress which is an open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. The chosen theme allows our customer to change the look and functionality of the website without altering the content or the structure of the site. After analyzing the structure and functionality of the website, the final choice of the template was based on the model ROSA

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