Le Dawliz

Wishing to focus its efforts on the establishment's website sales channel, Hotel Dawliz decided then to carry out a bottom and shape redesign to obtain a more modern website allowing the best experience possible for the surfers. Thanks to our expertise rooted in the hospitality industry, providing an adequate response to the needs of Dawliz Hotel was a very specific operation and a challenge to be faced wishing to create better online presence. By focusing on this redesign, the Dawliz Hotel was able to boost its sales with a renewed image and perpetually optimized to suit all requirements of the market.


Dawliz Hotel is an informative website designed to inform a broad customer of the services offered within its locations such as accommodation in rooms and suites, spa services, access to pool, nightly entertainment spaces etc.


The hotel sector in Rabat still modest since it is not a touristic destination. However, the hotel establishments operating in the city of Rabat remain quite competitive to the extent that they want to monopolize all visitors to the city.


The website of the Hotel Dawliz has required the mobilization of marketers, designers and developers who have combined their knowledge to offer a website redesign that met at the same time its business objectives and the needs of the market.


Dawlizrabat.com is a custom developed website using HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP which helped customize sections of the site and create a manageable part to insert and edit content while respecting SEO requirements.

The rendering

Through the redesign of ledawlizrabat.com website Taktil Communication managed to put online a web interface, by generating a sobriety which reflects the peace and quiet of the city of Rabat and a striking modernity with a sophisticated design to remind of the hotel philosophy. The updates carried out subsequently helped to refresh the website, making it more attractive to users, mobile users and search engine robots.


The achievement of the first models of the website has been made following the audit of its ancient version that was used to determine the flaws from which it suffered to address them on the new concept. The mockup has created a model with separate headings unlike the old website which does not respect the hierarchy of components highlighted. The design of the site allowed also incorporating all of the functionality originally provided by the specification.

Mobile version

The ledawlizrabat.com is a suitable website developed respecting the variety of mobile devices and browsers. The Internet and mobile users are now using different devices allowing them to connect to the web, visit the websites that capture their attention and even make their booking online. Taktil Communication was careful to make accessible the site of Hotel Dawliz to different users with different background working all aspects of the reagent design.


The whole structure of ledawlizrabat.com relies on user satisfaction by trying to facilitate their research so they never tire of their visit and consult it again. The well-crafted structure of the site has as main objective not to frustrate users by providing them with the necessary elements for the success of their browsing experience. The website respects the rule of well organized hierarchy minimizing navigation to information.


All pages of the website are custom created in pure HTML, PHP and CSS. The website was developed in compliance with current standards and W3C standards, good practices JavaScript Zend framework and the experience of our team intensifies in controlling and expertise.

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