Kech Hôtel

Operating at Marrakech since 2013, the Hotel Kech hotel has already showed good signs in term of touristic performances that few institutions are able to achieve in such a short time. This is even more impressive by the fact that the city of Marrakech is characterized by a rough and fierce competition.

One of the tools that contributed mostly to that success is the official website of the hotel which allows it to develop its direct bookings and generate significant conversions while offering the user a pleasant web space.


The website is a real marketing tool for the hotel establishment. This is a merchant website allowing users to experience the benefits provided by the Kech Hotel by making of the online booking such an easy thing.


The hotel industry in Marrakech is a real pole of attraction and a real development asset. The city therefore contains several actors in the hotel industry who hardened the competition, hence the need for a strong differentiation.


With strong ROI, the website developed for Kech Boutique Hotel & Spa was conceived and made available online mainly to suit the needs of Internet users and develop the performance of the institution leading to a considerable degree of conversion.


Carefully developed, the Kech Boutique Hotel & Spa website was created by exploiting HTML integration with standard, CSS and JavaScript in order to have a dynamic website, matching the rules and standards of a good website.

The rendering

Multidisciplinary and close to its customers, Taktil Communication was able identify her client's needs proposing a web solution tailored to its business objectives. Being in charge of the website's SEO, several updates have been incorporated into the website so as to give it a dynamic conception, modern version and especially more efficient in terms of processing and reservations.


During the realization of website, the design phase has been placed at the top of our concern. This is the main reason behind why the design concept was one of the strongest moments of implementation of this web solution. A first version of the website was created from a set of specifications combining the objectives of the site and good ergonomic practices of the web.

Mobile version

To reach as many internet users as possible, keeping up with the evolution of search engines in terms of SEO, Taktil Communication was engaged in the creation of a mobile website adapted to small screens. This mobile version allows indeed users from all over the world to easily make bookings online and other transactions authorized by the site's features.


This is not a secret anymore, but a well made structure allows the website to attract the target users and guide them to the content subject of their research. so before we began with the whole design of the website, a comprehensive study of the clientele that the hotel wants to attract was carried out to lead to an organized structure depending on the intended audience, what those customers are looking for and actions to be taken to target very specified persons.

Development was developed using the latest technology tools HTML, PHP and JavaScript. The site also uses CSS and Zend framework which significantly facilitate maintenance and updating. These tools provide the surfer, who has not a deep knowledge in that field, with an effective website in terms of online and offline navigation.

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