GSM Express has built a good reputation within a few years of activity and ended up imposing itself as a leader in the choice of the telephone accessory. The offer of the GSM Express store recorded a notable development in the telephony market, simply because it has a powerful and visionary human capital.

In this regard GSM Express has decided not to be overtaken by new technologies neither by stiff competition and finally decided to take the digital plunge. Taktil worked closely with GSM through the definition of the theme, colors, site organization, to give this shop a visual identity reflecting its values and its field of intervention.


GSM Express has expanded its business from selling computer accessories to extra facilities of quick and inexpensive repair of phones, the salient feature of this shop is its ability to offer high quality services at a reduced price. This is what we wanted to highlight in the website.


Operating in a highly competitive industry, GSM Express has made its digital strategy a distinctive feature and a means of communication with potential customers. The showcase site has allowed them to stand out despite the presence of stiff competition.


After a long discussion, we agreed on the need to create a website where the customer would highlight the communication tools of the shop. the GSM Express website is equipped with the most professional qualities starting with design that joins the aesthetic to sobriety, passing through its ergonomics that ensures pleasure and comfort of users, until the final design of the site in its entirety.


Taktil communication wanted to increase the experience of several years in favor of this professional, through the use of effective tools. So the website was custom developed in HTML5 and PHP with an elaborate structure of the main features.


The was created to meet the need to equip the shop with perfect platform, meeting business goals, which clearly shows the products sold and the services provided by the shop. The result was presented as a web solution that allows customers to know the product and even make a purchase online without having to move.


Taktil communication has managed to showcase the highlights of the GSM express shop through the establishment of appropriate design to ecommerce sites. We have devoted special attention to its appearance to hold visitors with a beautiful and rich information content that is what engenders a positive experience.


The structure of the web site required a profound reflection to enable the user to easily find what he or she is looking for on the web site and be guided to the content subject of the research. We performed a very good organization to encourage users to stay the maximum possible and consult more content as possible.


Members of the design and development team worked together to create a functional and pleasant site, generating great satisfaction to users. Regarding the development of website it relies on HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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