Création site web wordPress au Maroc


Evalia has first opened its doors for the benefit of people with learning difficulties, both professionally and personally. It is an institution which has as its vocation the upgrade and French language learning of students.

The educational institution provides necessary assistance and advice of professionals present in the center of training to overcome any learning disabilities. The website focuses on coaching services and educational support of staff, as well as all the necessary information in order to guide you through choosing a suitable educational support.


The website we created for Evalia reflects the values adopted by the center namely a personalized training from the beginning. Some sort of showcase site that caters to any person with a learning disability that might detect early signs of problems that may affect training in life generally


The Moroccan education sector is intensely competitive but which continues to offer major opportunities. The establishments offering high quality services have a greater chance to stand out and Evalia is one of them, this is the point on which we have articulated our entire digital strategy.


The purpose from our collaboration is to produce a useful website with all the professional qualities in order that it would be profitable to ensure a better conversion rate. By working closely together throughout the project, we have been able at the end to create a powerful and well positioned website.


Evalia contacted us to realize a modern website that perfectly reflects its various benefits. We have, therefore, proposed a website that is both challenging and educational that stings the curiosity of visitors. A Wordpress website seemed to us the best solution to adopt in this case.


The web site was created to offer the customer a perfect harmony with his platform adapted educational services. The customer got in touch with Taktil Communication for all the services offered to customers in general in the digital domain to ensure the smooth running and success of their project: advice and support, web and business writing, animation development and social media.


For the realization of the website we made a scheme defining the areas of the establishment website which have allowed focusing on graphic design that represents the higher value added of this project. The realization of this scheme aimed to avoid surprises when the client discovers the first graphic model.

Maquette site internet Evalia


At a time when mobile users are more numerous than surfers, it was appropriate to target this category of users by adapting the classic version of the website all screen sizes. The educational accompaniment website is addressed both to students and professionals, it is necessary to adapt to the needs of all ages.

Structure site web Evalia


Elegance, utility and originality: three concepts which represent the first impressions once you start browsing on the Evalia website. Its ergonomic design and structure create relative ease in its consultation. It presents the advantage of having a relatively prompt access to the information desired by the user. The structure of such a website as it was agreed reaches to respond effectively to the specific needs of users.

Developpement site internet wordpress  à Marrakech


We opted for Wordpress in the creation of a website which is none other than the favorite of CMS professionals, we resorted to an extremely harmonious theme with a highly functional side for easier writing and layout a once the site delivered. On the website it has been agreed to install the best plug-in and develop key elements to reference it on the search engine.

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