Dar Moha

Assigned to Taktil for many years Now, Dar Moha's digital communication is one of the success levers that allowed this restaurant to become inescapable very recommended. “Word of mouth”, the notoriety and popularity of Chef Moha represent both in Morocco and abroad, a source overflowing of opportunities, unfortunately, poorly exploited before by the restaurant.

Marrakech is a very famous tourist town which has become a favorite destination over the years of many visitors from around the world and more celebrities choose it among other well known cities to celebrate the special events. the competition is so becoming tough and fierce, hence the need to focus on digital communication of Dar Moha restaurant and keeping up with the diversity of clients and get to attract a clientele target still not informed yet.

Primordially, the website was scheduled for a relooking of style and content because of its drift toward obsolescence.


Created to be an informative Website, through which Dar Moha restaurant can expose any kind of information about its business, menu's card and its associated services in an efficient manner in order to reach the target clientele which is seen to be very diverse: Individuals resident in Morocco, foreign tourists and professionals in the tourism field.


The fine dining sector is particularly competitive in the red city, because Marrakech is a beautiful touristic town whose gastronomy is highly valued. The competitive advantage was then determined matching target customers need in order to satisfy its taste buds and guarantee the comeback of most of them. An internal and external environment analysis was then to establish.


Focusing on the restaurant's digital communication on the website is today, without any question, one of the fastest and most effective ways to communicate with a large target. A team of marketer's strategists, graphic designers and developers with strong knowledge and expertise were mobilized to offer one of the most successful models.


Darmoha.ma includes the latest trends in graphic design and best development techniques which added a sublime touch of refined style, ergonomic and particularly recognizable at first. The modernization of the website helped to bring clarity and accessibility that make it one of the fundamental principles of web browsing.

The rendering

The restaurant Dar Moha used to have a flash website, very outdated, so it was necessary above all to update it, using the latest website languages which can easily be recognized by the robots of search engines in order to have more visibility. It was also imperative to create a website "in" and dynamic that might contain as much information that the user might need. Taktil Communication has placed thereby at the service of this project all its knowledge and expertise to crown successful digital strategy of Dar Moha.


The website experienced initially a model making phase through which a benchmark was conducted to determine the latest trends and techniques in order to offer a design that can outperform what already exists on the market and perfectly meet operational requirements as well that the preferences of the targeted customer. The graphic models that were designed show a dynamic HD website where access to information and features were surprisingly simple.

Mobile version

Because of the rise of mobile utilization, the development of the Dar Moha website mobile version has been proved crucial. So after completion of the desktop version, Taktil team was mobilized in a record time to develop an original mobile version, beautifully made so that customers could consult from all mobile devices with the same functionality and leading to the same features as the classic version of the website.


Simplicity, luxury and authenticity are the main features that characterize the website darmoha.ma, as well as its ergonomics and structure. The main idea is to give the surfer a fast access to the information needed. Very flexible and appealing, the structure of the website manages to respond first and foremost to needs of Internet users, i.e. a prompt and clear navigation in all its specific details allowing to the restaurant to convert eventually the traffic on the website into buyers.


The development of Darmoha.ma is based on strong and modern programming language. , including the HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS and the Zend framework, all the features were delicately used to make the concept created for this website impenetrable reality. After a thorough analysis, our developers were able to determine the most appropriate tools for the design of the website and its various features with an infinite degree of autonomy.

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