Dar el Fakia

The Moroccan wedding is an important event which is a landmark of the beginning of real life couple. The Dar eL fakia shop whose name is inspired by the art of Moroccan reception; Dar, meaning house and Fakia relating to all kind of candy and candied fruit. The shop provides various products and accessories dedicated to large celebrations and personal occasions including Taifour, decorative pieces, engagement and wedding accessories as well as preparation of sweets, confectionery, candied fruit, crackers etc.

Purpose of Logo

Even though they operate on the market for a long time, the Dar El Fakia brand does not have a visual identity that can differentiate it from its competitors. The owners have then decided to create a logo that would recall its products at any time. Taktil Communication enthusiastic, took the Dar El Fakia project in order to promote the brand and reach new client, our customer discovered the pleasure of being authentic in a world increasingly identical.

Values to Convey

Dar Lfakia wishes through its logo communicate about its range of basic and customized products offered in the shop in Marrakech. Elegance, romance and authenticity are the slogans that reflect the visual identity of the shop. a real combination of modernity and tradition.

Artistic direction

The symbol that is the logo of Dar El Fakia puts forward a character carrying a Taifour on his head. Very popular in the Moroccan culture and traditional events and celebrations, this personage symbolizes generosity, luxury and wealth sharing with the guests in the rules required by the Moroccan traditions. Accessory well established in Moroccan weddings, Taifour comes remind about the field of activity in which Dar El Fakia operates.

Color choice

The dominant color of Dar El Fakia logo is the gilded color of gold reflecting the luxury, pomp and power. The use of this color aims to consider the high quality of products and the sumptuousness of its personalized services. The sight of the golden color adds shine, warms the heart and mind of those who consider finding a certain social security

Graphic charter

The visual identity of Dar El Fakia was generated in the light of customer's needs that will be required to represent its graphic on multiple communication media including website, shop sign, business card, product boxes and the goodies catalog.

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