BND Systems

BND Systems is a consulting and integration company Guinean of IT solutions specializing in free software and the development of applications customized trades. The company's main mission is to support its customers in the implementation of a computerized solution in line with their needs. Taktil Communication was entrusted with the mission to create the visual identity of BND Systems that finally been created after several steps involved in setting up a perfectly decent logo for promoting the brand.

Purpose of Logo

The purpose of the Logo creation was all about the distinguishing that the BND Company was looking for in order to create a visual identity to the various services it offers. The company hoped to create a logo that represents its purpose and values and that will allow it to become known in the Guinean market that is still modest in terms of communication and information technology.

Values to Convey

BND Systems wanted, through its logo, convey the image of a professional company that guarantees high-level interventions with a constant watch on market innovations, while being flexible and responsive to any customer demand more and more demanding.

Artistic direction

After studying the company, its business and its environment, our graphic designer began with the establishment of a sketch showing the head of an owl with eyes wide open, which was chosen to represent the intelligence capability of the company, its high intuition and the ability to perceive what others do not notice. Also, this animal which signified in ancient times the announcement of an imminent event can now be interpreted as a time of significant transition.

Color choice

The colors chosen for the logo of the company BND Systems are two opposite colors: Blue and Orange. This mixture refers at a time to creativity, security, communication and optimism conveyed by the color orange and wisdom, serenity, truth, loyalty and professionalism shown by the blue color; a sense that the company wants to convey.

Graphic charter

The graphic charter of the company BMD Systems was made from the visual identity created and who can implement various communication media such as website, business card, brochure, letterhead paper and signs.

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BnD Systems


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