Auto cleaner

Based in France, the Auto Cleaner Company saw over time its website becoming obsolete and outdated by new technologies and the new specifics of 2.0. Wanting to give new dynamism to the website and give it a good shot of freshness, Auto Cleaner asked our graphic designer to provide it with a vision and thanks to our technical mastery; our agency was immediately able to find the ideal look for this pioneer of the car wash. After a perfect definition of the company's issue, a stream of innovative and appropriate ideas for improving the Auto Cleaner image on the net and even closer to the users of its services. The result is a dynamic web site, simple, easy to use and very convenient for both managers as well as for visitors.


The website is a showcase site putting forward all the information on services offered by the company Auto Cleaner to promote its innovative concept about car wash and attract more customers.


The car wash industry in France has seen a boost in recent years and has seen the birth of several new service providers who offer more or less the same services, hence the need to stand out from competitors and offer a little more which what is necessary.


A modern design, sophisticated technology, a well-crafted content tree and ventilation have permitted to ensure adequacy through the modern website creation with the needs of the digital world and above all be effective for its users.


Taktil gathered its team of marketers, expert designers and web developers to determine the specifics of the project, studying the solutions and choose the ones that are both beneficial for the company and for users while meeting the requirements of the web.

The rendering

At first glance, we realize that the website exudes an air of professionalism and dynamism to the image of the company. The ease of being in the tree makes the site also nice to visit since there is no risk of getting lost in its items to which access has been facilitated. The main advantages of the Auto Cleaner supplier were highlighted on the website in order to attract its target audience and invite them to look for the answer perfectly corresponding to its needs without losing track.


The mockup phase allowed our graphic designers and art director to adapt the website to the visual identity of the company and to create web pages for each section. As a web design specialists, we have set up a simple display, pleasing to the eye and rich in terms of textual content to the extent that the website is designed for SEO. The mockup also helped design the manageable part of the site taking into account all the specifics.


The website puts the user in the heart of its architecture. 100% focused on the user, it can offer an optimal navigation through its well-crafted structure that perfectly matches the needs of different users. The website also allows any display without much effort, Auto Cleaner centers map on a specially created for this purpose in order to find the one you need in the privileged area.


All of the pages and its website features are developed to measure with HTML5, PHP, CSS and Javascript for cutting and integration. Selected frameworks Zend and Symfony are complying with the standards required by the web and improve the browsing experience for users.

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