Al Moajil Cars

When the owners of Al Moajil Cars agency contacted us, they had just started their activity in Marrakech, they owned all the advantages in their side to succeed in this market the only thing missing is how to promote their brand and communicate about the services provided. It was absolutely necessary to fill this flagrant lack of communication media through the implementation of a digital strategy developed and well thought out.

Indeed, the need for an overall web marketing strategy beginning with the design of a suitable web solution was strongly required from the beginning of the collaboration. We thought of a visual identity matching the luxury products offered by the agency.

Al Moajil Cars is a luxury car rental agency with or without driver which has opted for our strategy and required an action plan divided into several stages, a website that meets the standards of new technologies, modern and simple was the first thing to do.


The website is a form of showcase that shows off the agency's services in order to promote its visual identity largely inspired from concept of luxury conveyed by the car park at the service of customers. It's also the best way to communicate with potential customers.


Renting cars in Marrakech is a very widespread activity in the city, however luxury car rental is still very limited because of the importance of Initial Investment required to the implementation of this kind of project. We’ve made of this distinguishing point, the key to the eventual success of the agency, and we articulated our entire strategy around luxury concept.


For the realization of the website, our team in its entirety provided the necessary efforts to prepare of original and inventive technical specifications on which developers and graphic designers have based their models prior to development of the site web while meeting customer needs.


The website was created in accordance with all web standards XHTML and CSS, and likewise has an XML-RPC API that eventually allows interconnection with other programs. These tools provide an effective website at the level of online and offline navigation.

The rendering

Al Moajil Cars is a company that has made up a major investment to build a park that consists of new luxury vehicles that impress with their style all ages. This park of prestigious vehicles combines at the same time luxury and ruggedness. The owners had thought of every detail except the communication strategy that would allow them to enter this market.


The layouts of the website were developed reflecting the luxurious image of the agency who wishes to convey this concept as main idea characterizing its activity to its clients looking for prestigious vehicles and professionalism. The general graphic design of the website is refined thereby enabling convenient and easy navigation even for people with rudimentary knowledge in the web.

Mobile version

Today, 50% of cell internet users go online mostly using their phones, Al Moajil has opted for a mobile version adapted to different screen sizes using all kind of support to increase its visibility on the web. There are numerous customers who, since the launch of this version, have made the booking via the mobile.


The site structure is much clarified, organized in a way to facilitate access to booking and consulting cars. Bookings can be made online with the ability to check real-time availability. Each section represents a service of the agency that allows navigation more pleasant


All pages of the website were created using very developed tools such as HTML5 and CSS, wordpress, which will eventually allow the interconnection with other programs. These tools provide an effective website at the level of online and offline navigation.

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