Agence Photos

Agence Photos is an agency specializing in photography of various types and for various themes. Born from a mutual passion of professional photographers, this website is an opportunity to share their achievements in terms of photography and the various benefits they are able to offer. Being new on the market, the website should reflect the union of professional photograph and at the same time should be attractive and conveying the values and purpose of the entity. Thus was created the web solution agency following a sleek and impressive concept.

Category is a showcase website and a solution allowing photographers to share the various achievements that the photographers have made until now as well as their specialization in different types of shots.


The professional photography in Morocco is still a modest domain that most providers are freelancers who work on their own account. Agencies specializing in professional photography are not so numerous and it is thus an undeveloped market.


From a pure design and a well-crafted structure, is custom developed website very dynamic. It also has the specificity to adjust to any screen and different browsers existing in order to enable an optimal browsing experience.


The website is developed according to the request of the owners in HTML5 and PHP. It has various features including sharing via social networks involved in promoting the website and through the same agency.

The rendering

The website created for Agence Photos is a web solution whose main characteristic is soberness and refined style designed with sumptuousness charm, the blue color reflects a majestic luxury. By visiting the website, the first observation you will notice is the impressive number of pictures it contains and the very outstanding quality of shots done by photographers.


Through a benchmark and a preliminary market study, models were designed to allow giving a straight line to the project and to advance in its implementation. The general look of the web solution is very simple and pure, it is characterized by sobriety that facilitates navigation. A comfortable experience is ensured without too many parasites that type in the eye and bother when visiting the website.

Mobile version

Offering good experience for Internet users is all about offering them a website adapted to different mobile devices without decreasing the display quality and the data it contains. So the is a responsive design that aims the satisfaction of all its visitors by offering a display adapted to any type of device including mobile, tablet, laptop etc.


The website has a large number of sections, each heading represents one of the agency services. The whole structure of these sections is organized in a way allowing fluency in browsing and quick access to the desired information. The Net surfer is therefore in a position to locate himself easily through all shared items on the site.


The development of website is based on HTML, PHP and JavaScript languages. The realization of the site also uses the latest cutting techniques and integration including CSS3, framework Symfony 2 to meet different constraints on the solution.

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