Facing increased demand and turbulent technological progress, the company 6com has been operational since 2001 the telecommunications on the French market, has found itself compelled to reinvent its virtual image through establishment of representative site of the company's business.

Operating in telecoms as taxiphones installer, 6com used to have an old website in the form of a back office managed exclusively by its staff giving no access to customers wishing to learn about its services and benefits.

The need therefore to provide the company with a modern and functional website has been more important than ever. Taktil has stepped in to create a showcase site for the company that goes along with market needs and its customers in general. Taktil has created as well a command manager for customers that is pack.6com.fr.


6com proposes personalized telephony solutions which are designed for all kind of telephone communication operators. as a Major player in this high growth market, 6com thus offers a PLATINUM network at very low prices as distinct from other operators on the market.


In France, the telecom market carries many opportunities giving rise to a competition increasingly fierce. 6com needed to be distinguished in this sector by a remarkable strong visual identity reflecting the quality of its services.


The 6com.fr website is a responsive showcase site, custom designed, carefully following major customer guidelines. Back office was also developed to serve as an effective management tool. The fundamental purpose of this website is to introduce the concept of the company and its various services


For the development of 6com.fr website, we used advanced tools such as Php, html, CSS and java script to showcase the various services and benefits offered by the operator, with the establishment of a command manager for the sale and online management without running any undue risk during the validation.


Given innovative developments experienced by the telecommunications sector in France, 6com operator realized the need to rethink its communication strategy in order to particularize the services offered in a convergence context. We've made of this idea the main source of inspiration to create a perfect platform in harmony with customer's needs in this area while aligning them with market needs. The website concept has been customized in a dynamic way so that it perfectly translates the corporate values.


The realization of 6com.fr models has been a decisive step in its creation. We wanted at all costs the website to be pleasant, representative of the values of the operator and to meet all the aesthetic standards of computer graphics. It was of course a matter of good graphical interface design, by creating a skilled layout and adapted to the business objectives and the content that will be included eventually. Taktil achieved a functional design in blue and orange, two colors typical of telecommunications. Graphic design was well developed that has strongly pleased the client who saw in these graphics solution a successful integration of the corporate identity.


Taktil communication is very aware that unorganized website which gives no satisfaction to the Internet user is a failed one, this is the reason why we have made sure that our customer benefits of our expertise in this area. We have adopted a simplified structure with one of the best Web Content organization by arranging all the information to facilitate navigation in order to avoid the risk that a user abandons his research or downright turns to another site


6com.fr is a showcase site custom designed following the request of our client, we have thus transformed their wishes into reality. At first we established an html page structure followed by setting up the graphic charter and CSS and Zend Framework in order to separate structure from presentation. The same development tools have been applied to the Command Manager pack.6com.fr for online sales of products: refills, pack & Sim and accessories with the introduction of a secure online payment system.

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