Motion design

With the evolution of social networks and the emergence of sites web hosting videos, Motion Design (design or animation) has become an efficient discipline for any communication strategy.


A video is one of the most enjoyable ways to transmit messages by making them more attractive and synthetic. A brief Staged will have more impact on surfers than a very common visual fade.

The Motion or animation design is a collection of animation techniques that can add digital effects and cinematic effects to graphic designs to make it a little animated film. At Taktil Communication, we encourage dynamic and original

Motion design video

Our job

As a motion designer specialized in brand content which creating videos in motion design, animation in 2D and 3D etc, Taktil Communication takes care of the realization of creative materials by using innovative and offbeat concepts.

Our team is aware of the importance of creativity in this type of projects, regularly compares the old achievements with the current ones in order to keep up with trends and be constantly up to date and propose the best. Our expertise focuses on:

  • Motion Design
  • viral videos and offset
  • interactive videos
  • institutional spots
  • Advertising / Event
Motion design

Our skill

In order to offer the most appropriate solutions to our customers, we rely primarily on listening and exchanging in order to determine their stated needs and buried desires. Our goal is to guide you, accompany you closely and advise you throughout the creative process.

Thanks to the experience and mastery of our professional team in motion design and videos, we are able to propose a wide range of media and content for your communication strategies. A talented team of:

  • Art director
  • Project managers
  • 2D / 3D animators
  • motion designers
Motion designer Maroc

Our references

Examples of motion design work and 2D animations